Busuanga Palawan has a variety of adventure to be explore once you visit Busuanga Bay Lodge. Including the Coron you’ll have different island tours that you should not miss. Here are some of the Activities we offer during your stay at the resort:


Game Fishing

Experience Half or Full Day Fishing Excursions on board on of our fully equipped charter vessels.

Line Fishing

We offer rod and bottom fishing within the bay. Let our experienced local guides show you the best spots to make your catch of the day.

Motorized Watersports


Jetski Guided Activities includes life vest, mask, snorkel, BBQ Lunch and free flowing drinks.

Wreck Diving

Let the team at D'Divers take you to the best dive sites in the region that are between 5 and 15 minutes from the resort.


Enjoy underwater adventure whether it’s a view of corals, different kind of fish or sunken Japanese ship wrecks.

Riding in Zoom


Stand-up paddle boarding

Water skiing


Wake Surfing

Banana boating

Busuanga Island Tour

South Cay

Busuanga Bay Lodge’s private island with a pristine white beach surrounded by crystal clear water and a beautiful coral reef.

Lusong Gunboat

The Lusong Gun Boat is among the World War 2 shipwrecks that could be explored by snorkeling simply because it rests on the shallow parts of the sea

Coral Garden

Feast your eyes on the magnificent corals on the top of the reef. A diverse collection of corals can be found here


Has a beautiful white sand beach shaded by a coconut grove. Stunning coral formations lie on its fringes ranging from a depth of 1m to 15m so all can enjoy snorkeling.

Pass Island

One of the nicest white sand beaches in the area with dwarf coconut trees lining the beach. The island has it all from beach volleyball, a sunset viewing platform, and a giant clam sanctuary.


A beautiful sandpit strewn with shells and a true Robinson Crusoe type island.


Home to nesting turtles and is also a great place to spot dugongs. It has a white sand beach encircling the island scattered with shells and a nice shallow snorkeling reef.

Black Island

Black Island also called Malajon Island is located on the east side of Busuanga Island. A big limestone mountain covers most of the island but on the west side is a long white sand beach. The azure water surrounding the island offers an amazing marine life for those who want to snorkel. A short walk from the beach is a cave open for visitors.

Active Exploring

Explore the resort or nearby places as part of your daily fitness;

Walking and Jogging near the resorts

Mountain Biking


Coron Island Tour

Kayangan Lake

Kayangan Lake (one of the clearest lakes in the Philippines) is considered a sacred place by the Tagbanua tribe of Coron Island, Philippines.

Baraccuda Lake

Barracuda Lake is composed of fresh and salt water. Is one of the scenic place in Coron.

Siete Picados Reef

Siete Pecados is the most known and closest snorkeling destination around Coron. The marine life around the Islands are amazing, when you snorkel you will see countless of fishes and the bottom is covered with hard corals.

Skeleton Wreck

Skeleton Wreck lies approximately 40-m deep. Can be viewed from the surface due to the crystal clear water.

In-land Hopping

Coron Town

Maquinit Hotspring - The country's only saltwater spring situated in the middle of a mangrove forest on the edge of the bay overlooking Coron island.

Coron Town

Mt. Tapyas Viewdeck - Marked by a distinctive large cross provides magnificent views of Coron town and its surrounding areas.

Busuanga Places of Interest

Concepcion Falls is a small waterfall with fresh and cold mountain water. Mostly unknown. It is a prestine and hidden away gem.

Busuanga Places of Interest

Calauit Safari Park - A piece of Africa where you can see giraffes, zebras, calamian deers, freshwater crocodiles, porcupines, civet cats, wild bearded pigs, pythons, turtles and more.


A variety of fully equipped boats to match every needs for Islands tours.

Sunset Cruise

Take a slow cruise on one of Busuanga Bay Lodge boat to see beautiful sunset at this magical time of the day.

Also Available In-House

  • Variety of Board games
  • Variety of Books
  • Variety of Video Games
  • Karaoke